‘Paradise’ (2023) Sci-fi Thriller on Netflix. Movie Review

Paradise (2023)
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Paradise is a German movie directed by Boris Kunz, starring Kostja Ullmann and Corinna Kirchhoff.


Paradise is a film set in the near future, where a groundbreaking technology allows the transfer of years of life from one person to another. The story revolves around Max, an employee at AEON, a biotech company responsible for developing this life-transfer method. When Max and his wife, Elena, are unable to pay their debt, she decides to take a drastic step, and give up 40 years of her life to AEON in order to cover what they owe. Initially hesitant, Max eventually comes to terms with this decision. However, his trust in AEON begins to waver when he suspects they are concealing the true risks associated with the life-transfer technology.

Driven to expose the truth, Max delves deeper into AEON’s operations and uncovers a disturbing secret. He discovers that Dr. Valerie Winter, the CEO of AEON, is not only a ruthless businesswoman but also targets Elena’s life for her own gain. Max finds himself in a race against time to rescue his wife, as he confronts the dark side of AEON and its deceitful practices.

Movie Review

Imagine being able to sell your time. This dystopia takes us to this “beyond” in a mix of futuristic thriller and corporate horror. The best thing about “Paradise” is undoubtedly the premise, which is so intriguing from the beginning and makes the intrigue unfold almost effortlessly, in a natural way. The themes of healthcare, technology, capitalism, and social inequalities, all together, provide a lot of material, and Simon Amberger, Peter Kocyla, and Boris Kunz (the scriptwriters) know it well.

And Boris Kunz, the film’s director, also knows how to seize the opportunity to offer us one of those movies that not only entertains but also makes us think. He achieves a thriller with a good pace, knows how to introduce his characters, and manages to achieve a difficult narrative balance.

No B-movie for “Paradise”: good CGI effects, good cinematography, and top-notch sound. A very good German production in this film that is impossible not to like and that delivers even more than it promises, making it one of the platform’s surefire hits for the summer.

Our Opinion

A film that starts with a good idea, continues with a good script, and finishes off with a good execution: guaranteed entertainment for yet another dystopia about the future that is already looming over us.

And that scares us so much.

Release date

July 27, 2023

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The Cast

Kostja Ullmann
Kostja Ullmann
Marlene Tanczik
Marlene Tanczik
Corinna Kirchhoff
Corinna Kirchhoff
Iris Berben
Iris Berben

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  • She doesn’t sell 40 years of her life for a treatment but for a loan.
    She lost the loan after her appartement burn and she is forced to give 40 years of her life.

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