“Puppy Love” A Rom-Com on Prime Video: Spring, Love, and Canine Pregnancies Arrive

Puppy Love
Liv Altman

Puppy Love is a romantic comedy starring Lucy Hale, Grant Gustin and Jane Seymour. It is directed by Nick Fabiano and Richard Alan Reid.

It’s one of those movies where, despite the ice cream tub beside the bed, the girl wakes up even skinnier than before, almost made up, and spectacularly beautiful. He’s a guy whose biggest problem might just be that he’s too nice and nerdy. She’s a mess, and he suffers from something called post-COVID social anxiety. Can you imagine the existential drama of these two attractive but lonely characters in life and love?

Yes, they’re already charming, good-looking, and friendly, but wait – there’s more! She comes across an adorable puppy and he has to take care of an equally adorable female dog to alleviate his anxiety. Can you imagine anything more adorable than this?

You’re not going to believe it, but it’s possible – her puppy and his dog are swept away by love and excess and she (the dog, not the human) ends up pregnant.

And the two owners are stuck in the middle of this mess!

What a complication! You know how these movies go – with all the chaos, contact, and vets discussing pregnancies, a tingling sensation creeps up on the two during spring, surrounded by nature, good feelings, and emotional needs.

Yes, you guessed it! It’s called love.

Puppy Love
Puppy Love

About the Movie

Are you looking for a movie that reinvents your philosophical convictions or reveals new perspectives on life? “Puppy Love” may not be that movie and it could be a mix of a thousand other movies you’ve already seen. It’s possible that the characters seem so perfect in their imperfection that everything seems overly designed to please. Yes, “Puppy Love” is another romantic comedy that won’t make history in cinema, let alone romantic comedies. But it carries one of those charming plots loved generation after generation, making this type of production a near guaranteed success without much need for script, production, or performance.

“Puppy Love” has everything predesigned and scrutinized from a thousand previous movies: the amusing side characters, the slight imperfections of the leads that make them even more charming, and that soundtrack reminiscent of a cake made of sugar and love.

The intention is clear: to entertain and offend no one, for people to have a good time and forget quickly.

Our Opinion

It’s just another romantic comedy with two good-looking, charming characters who will do anything to ensure, in this case, the puppy’s pregnancy goes well.

No surprises.

Where to Watch “Puppy Love”

Prime Video

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