Purple Hearts: Movie Review 2022

Purple Hearts is a 2022 romantic drama movie starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine. It is directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

Expect a story that will have the more romantic of you shedding a wee tear, and a lot of music – Carson does have the voice she has, it is good.


An aspiring musician and a Marine decide to marry out of convenience, but the convenience will end in more than just a romantic relationship.

Purple Hearts
Purple Hearts (2022)

Movie Review

If you like Sofia Carson, or are a fan who goes to her concerts, you will be delighted with this movie. And if you are in the mood to watch a romantic, truly romantic movie, Purple Hearts is the movie for you.

A good story-line, and narrative structure, that works. She needs medical insurance, he needs to pay the neighborhood hoodlum, hence getting married is very convenient for both, as he is a marine, and it would imply that she gets insurance coverage and he gets extra pay. Loaded with romantic scenes, heart stopping takes, a score that works excellently, her singing once in a while (she is a wonderful singer), and the beautiful protagonists…. We have all the ingredients for this cake. A very sweet cake.

It is not a film that will leave you in awe, but it isn’t be to detested either, because it has a guaranteed audience, a big one.

As for originality, there is not much of it, if any at all in a romantic drama about two people in trouble that find ways to overcome the hurdles they meet along the way In their relationship. It seems to have one goal, to showcase Carson, with her songs, and a script prepared to give her fans the reassurance of their convictions. Granted that she does perform well, as does he.

There is a lot of fandome, and not much cinematic creativity.

Soundtrack of Purple Hearts

Other Reviews

“Overstuffed with songs by Sofia Carson, this bloated dramedy about a musician and a military man offers little originality and even less chemistry” 

Luke Y. Thompson: AV Club

Release Date

July 29, 2022.

Where to Watch Purple Hearts

On Netflix.

Cast & Crew

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