Ricky Stanicky (2024). A comedy on Prime Video: A “buddy” comedy for a family Friday with a retro and edgy twist

Ricky Stanicky is a film starring Zac Efron. Jermaine Fowler, Andrew Santino and John Cena. It is directed by Peter Farrelly.

“Ricky Stanicky” is one of those comedies that comes into our lives without any notice of its filming, we pass by it barely paying attention and it leaves just as quickly as it arrived. In between, we have once again watched another movie about friends with jokes that are more or less funny depending on each person’s taste. While not particularly exciting, it entertains thanks to a very charming John Cena.

Ricky Stanicky
Ricky Stanicky


Three young friends use the fictitious name of a friend to get out of all their mischief. Now that they have grown up, they continue to use their friend’s name as an excuse for anything and to maintain their childish spirit.

To maintain their alibi, they hire an alcoholic actor to pretend to be their friend, which starts a series of comical misunderstandings.

About the movie

This is also Hollywood: an entertainment factory that produces products that are so similar to each other that they are indistinguishable. “Ricky Stanicky” is like one of those meals that we never finish consuming, they are not a delight but they are not bad either and, finally, they consistently feed the entertainment industry.

“Ricky Stanicky” is not particularly special, it doesn’t offer anything that we haven’t seen in another buddy movie, but it knows how to stick to the genre, give us exactly what we expect and make us have a couple of pleasant hours, with some smiles or laughs, especially because John Cena is there, who is a great actor for comedy, with his exaggerated gestures and muscular appearance that he hasn’t lost since he was a wrestler.

Then we have a star who, since High School Musical, has not quite taken off, but is still perfect for this type of comedy: Zac Efron continues to sell though he is no longer a teenager, he still has a charming smile and we still know his name, although it doesn’t seem like he’s on his way to winning an Oscar.
“Ricky Stanicky” has one of those scripts that are written before they even start: you have to follow the rules and tell some jokes, because the structure itself is firm and has worked a thousand times before. The rest, not much needs to be invented for it to simply work.

Our opinion

Just another “buddy movie” that, born without ambition, simply sticks to the genre, gives us a couple of funny situations, and lets a great John Cena shine in another entertaining comedic role.

To have a good time.

Where to Watch “Ricky Stanicky”

Prime Video

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