‘RRR’ – Movie on Netflix – The Review….Wow!

RRR (2022). Netflix Movie
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

RRR is an action movie written and directed by S.S. Rajamouli starring Ram Charan, Junior N.T.R., Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan.

Films like this would bring the audiences back to the movie theaters.


A young girl kidnapped from her village; the village leader venturing out to rescue her; a traitorous soldier; two childhood friends meet again; the Independence of India; a love story. If you put all these events into the mix, add loads of music and rhythm to it you get RRR.

RRR (2022). A Netrflix Movie


Well, we were in for a surprise, a very pleasant surprise, as we did not know what to expect. It is a trip of a movie, like a carnival in crescendo with action scenes, dances, a story of vengeance, another one of love. The baddies are really bad, and the goodies are really good. Loaded with effects, slow motion sequences, and well executed CGI it takes emotions and action to the maximum.

The script is interesting, despite us having to rely on the subtitles, it caught our attention that a lot the story is narrated in the soundtrack songs. You must keep up with the songs not to miss out on the background of the stories, and the bonds between characters, as these are implicit in the sequences, but it is in the subtitles while there is singing that will sort out any doubts you might have.

This is a mega-production, with grandiose scenes of fights with tigers, explosions of trains, a lot of dancing, intrigue, drama. It is a wonderful three hour experience that left us wondering if we had landed somewhere between The Matrix and Hyderabad, India. This is probably the most successful Indian film on Netflix, which does not surprise us. It is a genuine blockbuster that lacks nothing entertainment-wise – O.K., the costume designs could be upped a bit, but it is an aspect that one hardly has time to consider, being entertained with the dance and fast shift in sequences – and it is well produced: the photography is good, and the editing is smooth, the CGI is well implemented.

It is a movie that keeps on giving as a massively entertaining piece of fiction should.

RRR (2022). A Netrflix Movie

Our Opinion

We loved it. We had a great time watching it. It is novel to us, and we do not know if it will go down in movie history as one of the greats, but we can assure you that it has a lot of merit on a technical level, well beyond the theatrics of it all. Wow! Enjoy an incredible carnival of music, dance, action and color.

Movies serve the purpose of allowing us to evade the humdrum of everyday life, and to transport us elsewhere. Well, RRR is a perfect example of a film that manages to do that.

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