“Sasquatch Sunset”: The Movie No One Asked For, Yet Everyone Needs to See

Have you ever stumbled upon a movie you had absolutely no prior knowledge of? One that you didn’t even know existed? That’s precisely the case with “Sasquatch Sunset,” a silent film centered around a Sasquatch family (yes, the Bigfoot).

This unique film features absurd humor (and I mean very absurd), and as it progresses, it transforms into an increasingly strange, magical, and anthropological journey. If you’re in the market for a film that’s unlike anything Hollywood typically offers, “Sasquatch Sunset” is here to surprise and captivate you.

Sasquatch Sunset
Sasquatch Sunset

Simply a Sasquatch Family

“Sasquatch Sunset” narrates the story of this fictional species’ relationship with their surroundings and their transformative journey from a primitive state to a magical discovery—though, of course, we won’t spoil the surprise for you.

Designed to amaze and engage, this film takes audiences on a sequence-by-sequence adventure, starting as a comedy before evolving into a blend of strange anthropology and magical realism. The story unfolds over the course of a year, across all four seasons, following this family’s interactions and confrontations with nature. The film offers moments of humor, tenderness, absurdity, raw nature, and even cruelty. It traverses the full spectrum of emotions, ultimately leaving viewers astonished once again.

Interestingly, the film features a cast led by two stars who you’ll find unrecognizable in their roles. Yet, their presence adds weight to this unconventional project, which aims to surprise, move, entertain, and provoke thought as it develops.

Our Take

“Sasquatch Sunset” serves as a reflection on humanity and its future, delivered through a powerful metaphor. The film says much without uttering a single word, relying solely on the natural world and the harsh changes this family experiences over an unforgettable year.

This is a movie that demands to be seen in its entirety, urging viewers not to judge it based on initial impressions. Its unique narrative and emotional depth make “Sasquatch Sunset” a cinematic experience like no other.

Verdict: A must-watch for those looking to be surprised and deeply engaged by a film that defies conventional storytelling.

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