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Silver and the Book of Dreams
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Silver and the Book of Dreams is a film directed by Helena Hufnagel starring Jana McKinnon.

“Silver and the Book of Dreams” is a German production that blends fantasy, dreams, and the teenage world into a well-executed and interesting film in terms of production and effects. It takes us from Christopher Nolan’s world of shared dreams in “Inception” to a sort of high school movie with a more or less decent plot. By combining ideas from various sources, it manages to emerge successfully in this engaging film.


Liv moves to London with her mother Ann and little sister Mia. There she meets the mysterious Henry, who belongs to a secret circle that possesses the ability of ‘lucid dreaming’, but their dream fulfillment comes at a high price.

Silver and the Book of Dreams
Silver and the Book of Dreams

Film Review

This movie revolves around romances, mysterious disappearances, and a frenzy of hormones, resulting in an intriguing thriller that offers many captivating moments, especially visually in the dream sequences. The set designs are excellent and imaginative, giving the film its unique style, though not directly reminiscent of Guillermo del Toro.

This film is clearly aimed at a teenage audience, with all that it entails. It may discourage many adults when they encounter the first teenager with raging hormones, but it caters to a youthful audience, as expected from a marketing perspective.

It is a commendable production that goes beyond being just another teenage movie, offering much more than anticipated in visual aspects. Once the initial sequences are overcome and the plot unfolds, becoming more serious, it becomes interesting in terms of its story as well.

Our Opinion

Although it won’t go down in history, this film is particularly interesting in terms of the Prime Video catalog and its in-house productions, to which this type of film also belongs.

It has achieved its goal in a dignified manner, without making too much noise and without becoming a huge success. Nevertheless, the outcome is worthwhile, especially on a formal level.

Release date

December 8, 2023

Where to Watch “Silver and the Book of Dreams “

Prime video

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