Snack Shack (2024) Movie Review: Awakening to Adolescence… Again

Snack Shack is a movie written and directed by Adam Rehmeier starring Conor Sherry and Gabriel LaBelle.

Like déjà vu, “Snack Shack” takes us back once again to adolescence and its familiar scenarios like growing up, friendships, the awakening of love, and money.

A film that charmingly transports us back to the 90s with a stylish photographic flair and solid performances from its two main leads… And not much more.

About the movie

Adolescence, yet again summer adolescence in a film that serves as a refreshing spring moment, and rather stays there: in a comedy that doesn’t quite want to be a full-fledged comedy and in a relationship of common landscapes that, while pleasant, are unvaryingly repetitive (we’ve seen the same movie for several generations now).

A proper recreation of the 90s that catches the eye with photography, shot in tones of the era that today, the younger ones might say, is almost like an Instagram filter, but back then, it was the norm.

A film that suffers from a severe issue: it doesn’t tell any exceptional story and simply seeks to relive adolescence in a correct, accurate way, but nearly devoid of humor and without resorting to the eccentricity typical of this kind of production.

The end result is not exactly soporific, but it ends up being pleasant and easily forgettable; a movie that leaves a comfortable memory that vanishes with the same haste with which it entered our lives.

Our opinion

Light, simple, well-acted, well-executed but, unfortunately, without ambition.

Anna Green
Anna Green
Anna Green is a staff writer for MCM. Born in Australia, she has lived in London since 2004.
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