Someone Borrowed – A Romantic Comedy on Netflix – Review

Someone Borrowed (Esposa de Aluguel) is a romantic comedy directed by Cris D’Amatoy, starring Caio Castro and Danielle Winits.


A stubborn bachelor hires an actress to play his fiancee to fulfill his dying mother’s final wish, and try to avoid her deleting him from her will.

Movie Review

This romcom that has all the traits many movies in this genre carry, the stigma of not completely lacking in its ability to surprise. It gives its audience the possibility of feeling comfortable, and that both the story and its characters will vanish, and not be remembered.

‘Someone Borrowed’ is indeed a good example of this, however it does have its funny quirks. It one of those comedies in which all its characters lie without remorse, and as a result becomes a comedy of plots that ultimately is the kind of comedy that brings about the best results, guaranteeing the entertainment of the spectators.

The dialogues are fun, as are the characters and the situations they find themselves in. We would dare to say that it is more comedy than it is romance.

It is not exceptional, but it is an easy viewing experience, and allows us the viewers of giving into the guilty pleasure of wasting a couple of hours idling. It relatively well produced and brought to screen, without great pretensions, maintaining a kind of simplicity in its premise that almost seems pre-fab, but amuses nevertheless.

It manages to attain what it set out to accomplish, without grand gestures nor promises.

Mission accomplished.

Our Opinion

Someone Borrowed is a comedy of plots that is well produced considering its aims. It counts on a funny script, likeable characters and silly but amusing twists and turns.

Release Date

October 11, 2022.

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