Spaceman (2024) Netflix Movie: Adam Sandler, Kafka, and a giant spider in the vastness of an infinite abyss

Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Spaceman is a sci-fi movie starring Adam Sandler. With Carey Mulligan, Kunal Nayyar, Paul Dano, Lena Olin, and Isabella Rossellini. It is written by Colby Day, and based on the book by Jaroslav Kalfar. A movie directed by Johan Renck.

For those who are fans of the comedic Adam Sandler, the Adam Sandler we all know… this movie is not for you. It’s not a comedy and you won’t recognize the easygoing character that has made the American actor so famous.

Here we have a man who goes crazy in space, after six months of isolation, and starts seeing a spider. His visions become more and more overwhelming, and introspection, space, and nothingness take over a consciousness that begins to reflect on itself.


About the movie

A movie starring Adam Sandler is a movie in which his personality, his prominence in the production, his script… overshadow everything. This is no exception, but in a very different way.

This time, we have a director, Johan Renck (director of the series Chernobyl), an intimate story, and another great protagonist: space and its profound and powerful vastness.

“Spaceman” is the story of a man who confronts that vastness through the solitude of his consciousness, through delirium, and tries to hold on to the only thing that keeps him alive, his faith in his wife.

Will “Spaceman” appeal to the general public? It seems like one of those movies that doesn’t care whether it appeals or not, and whose intentions are beyond that, in space and in the search for the reason for human existence. Does it succeed? Only partially, because the result seems less cosmic, less transcendental than it should be for its initial intentions.

It’s another great performance by Sandler in the dramatic field, although his face is hindered by all the comedic characters he has played and that, in some way, we can’t forget, no matter how different this character is from the characters in his comedies. It has a good ending, beautiful in terms of special effects, although it’s also somewhat predictable, not surprising enough as a whole.

Our opinion

One of those space movies that pass without telling us anything new and without conveying anything at the cinematographic level that we haven’t seen before. A movie that won’t captivate the general public because it’s not designed for that purpose, but it does show us a different side of Adam Sandler as an actor.

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