“Spy Kids: Armageddon” (2023) Movie on Netflix: A Good Movie (Just for Kids)

Spy Kids: Armageddon is a 2023 spy action comedy film directed by Robert Rodriguez, who co-wrote it with Racer Rodriguez. It is the fifth installment in the Spy Kids film series. The film stars Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Everly Carganilla, and Connor Esterson.

“Spy Kids: Armageddon” is one of those films meant to be enjoyed with children, allowing yourself to simply go along with it. It’s a movie designed for young technology enthusiasts, with a strong touch of 80s nostalgia that will also appeal to parents.

Without anything inherently wrong with it, it is a product created for the younger audience.


The film follows the children of the world’s greatest secret agents, who must become spies themselves to save their parents and the world from a powerful game developer who has unleashed a computer virus that gives him control of all technology.

Spy Kids: Armageddon
Spy Kids: Armageddon

Review of “Spy Kids: Armageddon”

This film does not fall into the realm of cinematic criticism because it simply doesn’t aim for that. It doesn’t intend to provoke deep reflection, and its lessons, if any, are so basic that they don’t invite discussion.

It is a movie with a light plot (a gamer Trojan) and children playing the role of heroes. The franchise has been a great success, so Mr. Robert Rodriguez, who knows what he’s doing, takes the elements that made the franchise successful and repeats them.

It wouldn’t work any other way.

Technically, it is a well-made film with well-directed sequences featuring child actors, targeting a younger audience.

Don’t expect anything groundbreaking or artistic indulgence because “Spy Kids: Armageddon,” like the entire saga, is a movie created for the enjoyment of young viewers.

Does it succeed? Given the success of the previous films and the minimal differences with them, it will undoubtedly do so.

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September 22, 2023

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Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez

Robert Anthony Rodriguez is a renowned American filmmaker, composer, and visual effects supervisor. Known for his unique style and innovative approach to filmmaking, Rodriguez has made a significant impact on the industry. This article explores his journey, from his early life to his remarkable career, highlighting his major works and contributions to the world of cinema. Read more

The Cast

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez, the talented American actress, has made a name for herself in both film and television. One of her standout performances was in the feature film Filly Brown, where she portrayed the lead character Majo Tonorio. Her portrayal was so captivating that it earned her recognition and praise from audiences and critics alike. Read more

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi Pugh, born on September 29, 1980, is an accomplished American actor, comedian, and singer. He has garnered praise for his roles as Chuck Bartowski in the television series Chuck, as well as the titular character in Shazam! and its upcoming sequel in 2022, both part of the DC Extended Universe. Read more

Spy Kids: Armageddon

Spy Kids: Armageddon

Movie title: Spy Kids: Armageddon

Movie description: When the children of the world’s greatest secret agents unwittingly help a powerful game developer unleash a computer virus that gives him control of all technology, they must become spies themselves to save their parents and the world.

Date published: September 20, 2023

Country: United States

Duration: 108 mins

Director(s): Robert Rodriguez

Writer(s): Racer Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez

Music: John Debney

Actor(s): Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Connor Esterson, Everly Carganilla, D.J. Cotrona, Billy Magnussen, Joe Schilling, Robert Rodriguez, Solar Dena Bennett

Genre: Comedy, Action, Kids

Companies: Double R Productions, Netflix, Quick Draw Productions, Skydance Productions, Pipeline Studios


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