“Street Flow 2” (2023) | Movie on Netflix. Review: It Achieve a Balance of Script, Characters, and Cinematography

Street Flow 2
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Street Flow 2 is a 2023 French movie directed by Leïla Sy and and Kery James. It sars Kery James, Bakary Diombera, Jammeh Diangana, and Kadi Diarra.

“Street Flow 2” is a realistic drama about three siblings and three generations who, raised in identical circumstances, must confront their time and their lives. It is a worthy continuation, calmer and more well-made, that achieves the realistic objectives of social portrayal perfectly, even though it doesn’t surprise.


In the gritty suburbs of Paris, the Traoré brothers find themselves caught in an endless cycle of betrayal, revenge, and violence. Despite the numerous challenges they face, they remain determined to carve out a better future for themselves.

Movie Review

“Street Flow 2” is a movie that primarily aims to show us the social reality experienced by certain groups in France: their lives, ambitions, and, above all, how they integrate into society. It is a film that, above all, wants to provide us with a social discourse on integration and the difficulties involved.

Rather than giving us moral lessons, this film seeks to portray without judgment, empathetically approaching the characters rather than forcing situations. It has a slow pace that is not tiresome, skillfully developing the three main characters and unraveling their secondary stories with a smooth and precise rhythm, knowing what it wants to convey and when to give the twist without compromising the narrative structure.

“Street Flow 2” remains a genre film that doesn’t achieve originality, at least in a cinematic sense, but it neither wants nor pretends to do so, and we don’t even know if it would be advisable. As a social echo, it aims for realistic representation through three characters in these difficult and ambiguous realities.

Our Opinion

It knows how to capture the rhythm of the story, narrate the stories, and achieve a balance of script, characters, and cinematography. Without being original or groundbreaking, it does its job very well and, above all, captures a reality.

Release Date

September 27, 2023

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The Cast

Kery James
Kery James
Bakary Diombera
Bakary Diombera

Jammeh Diangana
Kadi Diarra
Sana Sri

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