‘Sympathy for the Devil’ (2023) Movie Review: Nicolas Cage in “madness” mode (as usual)

Sympathy for the Devil
Martin Cid

Sympathy for the Devil is a film directed by Yuval Adler and starring Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman.

This well-crafted film has the unique, yet expected, and unmatched appeal of seeing Nicolas Cage in his element, in a role tailor-made for him.

The direction and technical aspects are commendable, with the film created to showcase the star who shines throughout its duration.


After being forced to transport a mysterious passenger at gunpoint, a man finds himself caught in a cat-and-mouse game where nothing is as it seems.

Film Review: “Sympathy for the Devil”

Sympathy for the Devil
Sympathy for the Devil

The performance of its star overshadows everything else in the film, making any critique subjective. Do you like Nicolas Cage? Then you will enjoy this film because it has ample quality and is well-directed in technical aspects, achieving an attractive neon-toned photography, skillful editing and sound design. Also featuring an actor (Joel Kinnaman) who knows how to complement Cage’s showmanship.

The rest of the film consists of letting the Oscar-winning actor do what he does best: dance, shoot, and delight us with his repertoire of gestures, facial expressions, and entertaining voices. A spectacle that, if you enjoy his antics, will leave you enchanted, and if you don’t, it will not be the kind of movie you are seeking.

This film seems almost tailor-made for the actor’s fans, a film that (presumably) could not have existed without him, and whose screenplay appears to have been conceived with him in mind.

The plot? Well, we have seen it before, and it doesn’t aim to offer anything beyond entertaining us, and it certainly does not distract us from the purpose we viewing it: namely, to see Cage with his repertoire, displaying his unique style, emphasizing every gesture, and delighting thriller lovers with a film that borders on comedy thanks to the performance of the lead actor.

Our Opinion

We love Nicolas Cage, and yes, we enjoyed watching this film, especially thanks to his performance.

Sympathy for the Devil
Sympathy for the Devil

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