Terim – A Netflix Documentary about Fatih Terim

Terim is a documentary series about Fatih Terim, the manager, coach and Turkish former soccer player who took Galatasaray to the highest levels in the sport. It is directed by Burak Aksoy and Altug Gultan.

With interviews, anecdotes and archive footage, this four part documentary covers the life and career of this great soccer manager and player.

About the Series

Known as “The Emperor”, he led Galatasaray (on four occasions), A.C. Milan, Fiorentina and, of course, the Turkish National team, this series gives us the story behind the man.

Terim (2022)
Terim (2022)

Lately, Netflix has spoiled soccer aficionados with good documentaries on the sport, and to top it off they are well produced, full of interesting interviews and behind the scenes anecdotes (see Figo).

Terim is no exception. The documentary tells the story the legendary soccer figure covering his career as well as various aspects of his life, both professional and personal. Considered one of the best coaches on European level, he led Galatasaray to win the UEFA in the 1999 – 2000 season, and singed soccer figures such as Hagi and Popescu.

Release Date

September 15, 2022.

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Terim - A Netflix Documentary about Fatih Terim

Fatih Terim / Self

Buse Terim / Self

Merve Terim Çetin / Self

Okan Buruk / Self

Arda Turan / Self

Umit Davala / Self

Terim - A Netflix Documentary about Fatih Terim

Nuno Gomes / Self

Bulent Timurlenk / Self

Gheorghe Hagi / Self

Gheorghe Popescu / Self

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