The Archies: A Movie on Netflix an Excellent Setting that Takes Us Back to the More Lighthearted 50s in India

The Archies
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

The Archies is a movie directed by Zoya Akhtar based on the characters created by John L. Goldwater and Bob Montana.

Riverdale is a place in India where the descendants of Anglo-Indians (English and Indians who mixed during the colonial era) reside. At the heart of Riverdale is Green Park, a paradisiacal place that has served as a source of enjoyment for generations: peace, sunshine, and, of course, music.

But of course, there are always wicked individuals ready to build hotels and shopping centers in the midst of a natural area. A group of young people are there to prevent this with their good humor, youthfulness, and, of course, their music.

“The Archies” is an excellent production that stands out for its meticulous ambiance and set design. As for the script, it is a typical story, a musical that draws inspiration from both Bollywood and Hollywood. The film is skillfully crafted in photography and composition. Overall, it is a good movie.

Review of “The Archies”

The Archies
The Archies

In the absence of Wes Anderson directing, it has a similar touch, although not as pastel-toned but with a similar intentionality in terms of the script: to not harm anyone and focus all efforts on the aesthetic aspect, although with less stylization than Anderson. “The Archies” is all about ambiance, a nostalgic journey to the 1950s, as if the story were set aside so as not to disturb the ambiance.

“The Archies” is better in ambiance than in script, always aiming to resemble a film brought straight from its time. It succeeds in transporting us to the spirit and era, and also, in passing, situating us in a historical context and a problem that it does not want to dwell on too much: saving the park seems like a mere excuse to give us a very well-produced period film with excellent photography and phenomenal ambiance.

Don’t expect Bollywood with grand, colorful group dance numbers. The movie is trying to be more like its essence, Grease, than resembling Bollywood, and we see more hamburgers and English heritage than Indian.

Our Opinion

A film that seeks to not offend and shines through its aesthetics. It achieves its objectives, but it doesn’t stay in mind for its songs or story. Excellent in terms of historical reconstruction.

Release date

December 7, 2023

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