The Beautiful Game (2024) Movie on Netflix: Yet another film about friendship, camaraderie, and sports? Here you go!

The Beautiful Game
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

The Beautiful Game is a movie directed by Thea Sharrock starring Bill Nighy and Micheal Ward.

You know those movies that use sports as an excuse to create a simple plot that suspiciously seems like a thousand others you’ve seen before? “The Beautiful Game” is one of those films. It sports a good vibe that makes our lives a tad more pleasing, thanks to a simple script that’s based on an idea already rolling for many other movies.

This English version stars Bill Nighy and Micheal Ward, though we’re not sure if they can propel this story of sports and friendship into a blockbuster.

Or something that could slightly surprise you.


Vinny is a boy with undeniable soccer talent that he cannot demonstrate. With no steady job and no home, he struggles to survive until life gives him a new opportunity: travel to Rome to represent England in a World Cup for people like him, the homeless.

The Beautiful Game
The Beautiful Game

About “The Beautiful Game”

Despite having two great actors, who are undoubtedly talented, they cannot make much out of this script. Neither Bill Nighy nor Micheal Ward has dialogues that can showcase their undeniable talent, and their characters don’t have enough depth to create and develop.

It’s a sports movie, cordial and sincere, with some jokes for the whole family and great to watch with others. But it’s also a film that feels like a thousand others we’ve seen and doesn’t surprise.

It falls into every possible stereotype about nationalities (especially with Japan), and it is anything but sophisticated.

The script plays more on an emotional level, and technically, the movie offers nothing remarkable: landscapes of Rome and not much more (and the always lovely Valeria Golino, who is as charming as ever).

“The Beautiful Game”: Pros and Cons

The Good: Great for family viewing, it doesn’t harm anyone, and it’s so comfortable that nothing can take us out of our comfort zone.

The Bad: If you’re looking for something original or mildly surprising, this isn’t your movie.

Our Opinion

“The Beautiful Game” is a film that plays it safe with a self-writing script that barely surprises. If you have two hours to fritter away, it’s one of the best ways to do so, but don’t expect this film to contribute anything substantial to your movie-watching experience.

Where to Watch “The Beautiful Game”


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