‘The Best Man’ (2023) Movie Review

The Best Man is a film directed by Shane Dax Taylor starring Brendan Fehr, Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson.

The Best Man: an 80s style action movie that brings back some nostalgia, piety and the best feelings.

80s action returns to rescue one of its lesser-known myths, Dolph Lundgren.

One of those action movies in which, mysteriously, we all agree there’s something missing.

The Best Man
The Best Man

Movie Review

The Best Man is one of those bad action movies, a B-series video store film from which, deep down, we still try to get something good, especially due to the nostalgia that Dolph Lundgren brings us and the Die Hard-style eighties classicism that the whole set exhales, from its borrowed script to its protagonists, who also seem taken from another era in which cinema, at least, seemed different.

This movie has the appealing of, with its 80s-vibes nostalgia, knowing how to take us back in time and bring out the less demanding viewer in us. Is that good for a tough guy action movie? Well, we don’t think it’s the best, but The Best Man is idealistic like John McClane and, with the same “I just happened to be passing by” spirit, they manage to rescue the softer side.

The Best Man
The Best Man

Neither the action scenes are particularly well cared for, nor the performances are memorable. The script… we have seen better ones and, on top of that, it is forgotten as you watch it. As for the dialogues and the psychological perception, we better not go into it and if we pretend to ask the film to change the History of Cinema… it’s not going to happen.

With these perspectives and with no other point in its favor, this old-fashioned action film is presented to us, full of nostalgia and, without being brilliant at all, it somehow manages to get the absolution of the viewer.

Let’s look for something good to say about the movie… Scout Taylor-Compton has perfect teeth!

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The Cast

'The Best Man' (2023) Movie Review

Brendan Fehr / Bradley

'The Best Man' (2023) Movie Review

Luke Wilson / Cal

'The Best Man' (2023) Movie Review

Dolph Lundgren / Anders

'The Best Man' (2023) Movie Review

Nicky Whelan / Brook

Scout Taylor-Compton
Scott Martin
Ryan Devlin
Wes Hager
Andrey Ivchenko
Chris Mullinax

Martin Cid
Martin Cid
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