The Family Plan (2023): A family action comedy on Apple TV+

The Family Plan
Alice Lange

The Family Plan is a family action film directed by Simon Cellan Jones. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan and Maggie Q.

Does the idea of a James Bond turned family man sound appealing? Yes, we’ve seen it before, and this time it’s Mark Wahlberg’s version of Schwarzenegger, but without James Cameron. However, based on this premise, although with presumably less spectacle, it relies on the comedic performances of its talented cast.

Does it work? Yes, it’s funny enough to be a good option for the holidays, but it won’t go down in history as one of the funniest comedies or action movies.

A film that aims to be more family-oriented than extravagant.


Dan Morgan is many things: a devoted husband, a loving father, a celebrated car salesman. He’s also a former assassin. And when his past catches up to his present, he’s forced to take his unsuspecting family on a road trip unlike any other.

About the film

A thrilling action plot that we are eager to see unfold, but when it does, it ultimately disappoints because deep down, “The Family Plan” tries to be a family-friendly production that falls flat in terms of action and fails to convince in this aspect.

“The Family Plan” always remains as another studio production, another product that is funny and likable, but ultimately just another notch in the careers of its actors. The company sees this as a safe investment: it will find its audience, be quickly forgotten, and have no consequences for anyone, because everything is executed very professionally.

A film that neither surprises nor aims to surprise: we know what to expect when we see the poster, and we know it won’t surprise us when we watch the trailer.

Perfect for family viewing? Absolutely, filled with familiar clichés that dip into the realm of action cinema without fully embracing it.

Our Opinion

Aside from some well-written moments and the professionalism of the entire team, it’s a production that doesn’t stand out because, simply put, it was not meant to.

Release date

December 15, 2023

Where to Watch “The Family Plan”

Apple TV+

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