The Figo Affair: The Transfer that Changed Football – Netflix Documentary 2022

The Figo Affair: The Transfer that Changed Football is a documentary about the signing of Luis Figo by Real Madrid in 2000, when he was the key piece of FC Barcelona and Florentino Perez broke the market with millionaire figures never seen before.

About this documentary

Figo was a star soccer-player in Barcelona, becoming the team’s favorite and was absolutely adored by the fans, until Real Madrid signed him. Then that “love affair” was over…. And like any good movie-like divorce, it turned into a nightmare and Figo became the most viled person in Barcelona.

This documentary covers the story behind the signing of Figo to the opposing team, with accounts on what really took place, with exceptional commentary by Luis Figo himself, Florentino Pérez (the manager who “stole” him and signed him up with Real Madrid), and Joan Gaspart (the president of the Barcelona team).

It will definitely be a hit amongst the soccer or football, rather, fans, who will be intrigued and are probably dying to know what really happened, and the repercussions the signing of a player for such a massive sum would have on future contracts on a global scale, breaking the market.

Our Opinion

For those audiences who do not like soccer/football, or those who consider the sport to be overvalued we recommend that you abstain from watching this documentary. This is mostly for soccer fans.

We found it interesting, and we acknowledge that its counts on a good narrative and exceptional narrators: it is very gratifying to find out first-hand what really took place.

Where to watch The Figo Affair: The Transfer that Changed Football

On Netflix.

Movie Trailer

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