The Heartbreak Agency (2024): A charming German comedy on Netflix about overcoming heartbreaks

The Heartbreak Agency
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The Heartbreak Agency is a romantic movie directed by Shirel Peleg starring Rosalie Thomass and Laurence Rupp. It is based on the book by Elena-Katharina Sohn.

“The Heartbreak Agency” is a humorous comedy that, at its core, tells the same old story: a love story that begins and fills the characters with hope. With its drops of comedy, realism, and even bitterness, but with an overall cheerful and lighthearted tone.

Is it the same old story? Yes and no, because “The Heartbreak Agency” has a good script and the characters don’t seem like they were taken from a preconceived design. They are well-crafted and, although they ultimately tell the same story, they are constructed with enough intelligence and creativity to say that this movie has an original, intelligent, and even creative point.

Despite being, at its core, a romantic comedy about the eternal battle of the sexes.


A selfish and old-fashioned man is dumped by his girlfriend because she is recommended by an agency that claims to solve love problems. In charge of this agency is a single woman who also has a daughter and her own issues.

The man writes an article criticizing the agency and the female gender in general, and in order to get his job back, he must go on a retreat with this agency to overcome the ghosts and macho stereotypes of the 90s.

About the movie

The battle of the sexes, once again, indeed, but told in an intelligent way with funny dialogues. The characters are well developed and treated with respect and even sensitivity. There is no condemnation or moral lesson to give, not even to the protagonist and his outdated archetypes. The script does not justify or judge him, it presents him as a human being and, without delving into goodness or badness, makes him likable.

The same goes for her: we get to know her story and her past, and the daughter she is raising on her own. Another human being who, thanks to a good script, seems like a real person.

The supporting characters are also well-drawn and have a lot to say in this group therapy: well-acted, with realistic and even brilliant dialogue lines. Everything fits in the script of a movie that, born as just another romantic comedy, manages to go a step further and, thanks to the writers’ talent and the great book by Elena-Katharina Sohn, reaches the audience, conveys, and, without being overly sentimental, entertains, amuses, and leaves a very good taste in the mouth.

Quite good in the technical aspects, with a good pace in terms of editing and montage: it knows how to handle the story’s timing and make everything fit.

Our Opinion

It is not a movie with pretensions, it is not one of those films that want to renew the genre, but it is a movie that, respecting the rules, knows how to take it a step further and achieve, thanks to a good story, a good script, and excellent performances, a good movie.

It meets expectations and, in a way, manages to exceed what we expect, leaving an excellent taste in the mouth.

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The Cast

Rosalie Thomass
Rosalie Thomass
Laurence Rupp
Laurence Rupp
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