‘The Lost Patient’ (2022) – Movie Review: What Seemed Promising Is Lost in the Process

The Lost Patient (2022)
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

The Lost Patient (Le patient) is an Arte TV thriller directed by Christophe Charrier, starring Txomin Vergez and Clotilde Hesme.

A story that has some potential, but it goes unused.


Thomas has been in a coma for three years when he wakes up and remembers nothing. His psychologist, Anna, informs him that his family has been murdered and that he is the only survivor of the massacre while his sister Laura is still missing.

Movie Review

This feature is a French thriller produced by Arte TV that does not stand out neither in its cinematography, nor – in its difficult condition of being a TV production – in its story. It reduces what could have been good story to a simplistic, and a not a majorly artistic, endeavor.

Txomin Vergez’s performance is good enough, although not outstanding in this a movie that leaves one somewhat indifferent.

‘The Lost Patient’ is laden with clichés, obviously, but it is nevertheless, not an entire failure, at least as far as TV production standards go.

It has though, an interesting structure, with the flashback scenes inserted at unexpected times, and the intrigue between Thomas and Laura is well put forward. It unfolds its plot very slowly, though not with the elegance a good psychological thriller would use.

It strives, and just about manages to pass, as it does not gain real traction in any one aspect.

As far as the photography goes, the initial scenes seem promising, but it does not carry it throughout the feature, and any high hopes we had in the start get lost in the process.

Our Opinion

Unfortunately, it does not make the mark. It fails to make use of its potential, and becomes somewhat melodramatic and sterile.

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Christophe Charrier

Christophe Charrier

A French screenwriter and director, he began his career as a production assistant for Jacques Audiard, Christophe Honoré, Patrice Leconte and Anne Fontaine. In 2003, he joined Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s company PAF productions as a production manager, then in 2006, 3e œil productions. In 2009, he founded Hide Park Productions with Pierre-Antoine Capton, a subsidiary of 3e Oeil Productions, where he directed video clips for Alex Beaupain, Benjamin Siksou and Emmanuel Moire.


Txomin Vergez / Thomas
Clotilde Hesme / Anna Kieffer
Audrey Dana / Betty Grimaud

Stéphane Rideau / Marc Grimaud
Rebecca Williams / Laura
Matthieu Lucci / Dylan
Alex Lawther / Bastien

Baptiste Carrion-Weiss

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