The movie “Dancing Village: The Curse Begins” will be released on April 26. Watch the Official Trailer

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Dancing Village: The Curse Begins is an Indonesian movie directed by Kimo Stamboel starring Maudy Effrosina, Aulia Sarah and Jourdy Pranata.

Dancing Village: The Curse Begins
Dancing Village: The Curse Begins

It will be released on April 26th in the United States.


The story revolves around a mystical bracelet called the Kawaturih and a remote village on the eastern tip of Java Island, Indonesia. A young woman named Mila is entrusted with returning the bracelet to this village, known as the Dancing Village. Upon arrival, things get strange as the village elder is deceased and the new guardian is missing. Mysterious events unfold, and Mila is entangled with a mythical being named Badarawuhi who seems to rule the village. Ignoring warnings, Mila disrupts the village’s safety, leading to a terrifying ritual to choose the “Dawuh,” a cursed soul bound to dance eternally.

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