The Parades – A Netflix film: A charming, nostalgic, and beautiful movie about… death

The Parades
Molly Se-kyung
Molly Se-kyung

The Parades is a movie written and directed by Michihito Fujii starring Masami Nagasawa, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Ryusei Yokohama, and Nana Mori.

From Japan comes “The Parades”, a lovely film that, we warn you, goes straight to the heart and speaks from the deepest human emotion and the most profound concern of human beings: death.

A film that starts precisely from there, and gradually contrasts it with life, creating a whole ode to life itself in death.

A film, as you may have imagined, full of sentiment and nostalgia, but also of life and hope.


After an earthquake, a woman feels confused and disoriented as she tries in vain to find her son. A stranger takes her to a camp where he tells her the truth: she is dead, and she still has unfinished business to take care of before she can move on to the other side.

About the film:

This Thursday, Netflix chooses the poetic and human side to take us to a seemingly dark and gloomy terrain: death. And it does so by infusing life, making death something more joyful, more natural, and, surprisingly, filling it with life and hope.

“The Parades” is a film filled with tender and charming moments, special moments. A film that appeals to the heart at all times and for which it is best to leave the satirical side of life behind: it is better to let yourself go, surrender and enjoy it, because it has many scenes that are worth it aesthetically, charming characters, and a story of hope that deserves to be enjoyed.

“The Parades” is sad, melancholic yet joyful, all at once.

It has a slow pace, but it knows not to remain still in that initial impact and simply allow yourself to be carried away by the first idea. The film starts from something very hard, very profound, and existential, but it manages to later develop a story of well-achieved characters, situations, and aesthetics.

By the way, with a cinematographic concept in the background that makes it even more interesting.

Our Opinion:

A delightful film for those who want to be carried away by the deepest and existential side.

A poetic journey beyond reflection, with life and death converging in a joyful, very aesthetic, vital, and charming film.

Where to Watch “The Parades”


The Cast

Masami Nagasawa
Masami Nagasawa
Ryusei Yokohama
Ryusei Yokohama
Kentaro Sakaguchi
Kentaro Sakaguchi
Nana Mori
Nana Mori
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