The Shepherd (2023) – Disney+ Film: Charmingly Predictable

The Shepherd
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

The Shepherd is a 38 minutes movies written and directed by Iain Softley. It is based on the novel by Frederick Forsyth. It stars Ben Radcliffe and John Travolta.

Chirstmas is a time dedicated especially for the little ones, and Disney knows it better than anyone else. But they also know that among their audience are adults who want to be kids again and embrace a certain spirit of innocence.

This 40-minute film is a bit like that: predictable and sweet, but also directed towards an audience that has already lived their years.

An excellent production that, in its simplicity, becomes exquisite.

A tale in the style of “Amazing Stories” that will remind us of that wonderful series.


On Christmas Eve, a fighter pilot on his way home gets lost in mid-flight over the water and needs a miracle to land safely.

Movie Review

Charming, well-made, and with excellent production. We’re not here to serve Disney, but we love their dream-making machinery, with the right balance between creativity and professionalism that gives each film the Disney stamp, as well as a certain personal touch.

“The Shepherd” achieves this without shining brightly (it’s true) or leaving a lasting impression with grand scenes. It doesn’t even aim to surprise us: it’s a story whose ending is already known if you have some years behind you. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s the kind of story that, even if we’ve seen it before, we know we are in good company.

A movie executed with precision and professionalism: everything is technically perfect and magnificent in all aspects, at least technically. Is it imaginative and unforgettable? Probably not, but it has the virtue of a good tale: it’s brief and possesses charm, magic, style, and tradition.

Our Opinion

An almost perfect opportunity to indulge in a story that, although predictable, is filmed with Disney’s precision.

A film that shows us that not all Christmas movies have to be so dreadful.

Release Date

December 1, 2023

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