‘The Soccer Football Movie’ – Animation Movie on Netflix – With Zaltan Ibrahimović

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Alice Lange

The Soccer Football Movie is an animation movie directed by Mitch Schauer that features the voices of none other than Zlatan Ibrahimović, Megan Rapinoe and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic (we just watched the biopic, Weird: The Al Jankovic Story).

Zaltan Ibrahimović was not particularly liked, he has claimed to be better than Messi, and has proclaimed himself “god”… and, he mocks himself, and his cavalier attitude, which his peculiar humor.


Four young soccer superfans team up to help their idols regain their abilities after a scheming evil scientist steals their talent.

About the Movie

A movie for kids that is fun and entertaining with its “super-protagonist”, who appears to really want to shine (we doubt any of comments would offend him). We liked Zlatan and now becomes even more likeable with “buffoonery”.

The movie is entertaining, although it can be seen as a vehicle to for this man to self-promote. His name is mentioned more times than Le Bron’s in Space Jam.

A fun feature for the young ones, despite not being a cinematic wonder – do not expect a Pixar production. It is entertaining, with modern animation and a premise that puts the spotlight on the Star (Zlatan), basically.

Our Opinion

Entertaining, fin, and for the young audience. It is not a super production, we are sorry to say.

Release Date

November 9, 2022

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Zlatan Ibrahimović
Megan Rapinoe
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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

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