‘The Son’ (2022) Movie Review: Not an action film

The Sonis a drama movie written and directed by Florian Zeller, based on his own play.. Starring Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern.

Excellent acting in an “actor’s film”.


A successful attorney, with a new wife and a baby, accepts taking care of his adolescent son from a previous marriage after his ex wife tells him she is worried about the boy´s random behavior.

Movie Review

El Hijo
El Hijo (2022)

Excellent, well directed, good screenplay… one really had to have a bad day, a truly bad day to want to face two hours of skin deep feelings with the emotional problems of a son, worried parents and a drama that is great for actors to act in, but you will be wanting to be (truly) wanting to watch this.

Around here we usually say that we judge a movie, not the subject and we try to focus on the artistic virtues of the art, movies or books we review. This movie has a lot of things going for it, starting with fantastic acting, balanced direction, elaborate photography and equilibrium in all senses.

Once I told a girl that Jurassic Park made me cry. This was a way to be funny and flirt with her (she said she took it literally and I think she decided she didn´t like me because I´m ugly and tell bad jokes). Today, with that same irony, I say that thanks to movies like The Son, I like dinosaur movies way more.

Maybe your life is like a double agent 007 and life is full of dangers and you like to relax watching this movie with no action and full of impressive acting.

Our Opinion

There was another reviewer I admire a lot because of his words and honesty as in the time he quit watching a movie half-way through. This one is truly like that.

A movie with a grand inner world, of emotions, deep drama… and in which one misses (a lot) a couple of dinosaurs.


Florian Zeller
'The Son' (2022) Movie Review: Not an action film 7

Florian Zeller


Hugh Jackman / Peter

Zen McGrath / Nicholas

Laura Dern / Kate
Vanessa Kirby / Beth

Anthony Hopkins
William Hope
George Cobell
Isaura Barbé-Brown
Mercedes Bahleda
Akie Kotabe

Martin Cid
Martin Cid
Writer, pipe smoker and founder of MCM
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