‘The Son’ (2022) – Upcoming Movie with Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern

The Son is a drama movie directed by Florian Zeller, starring Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern. It is based on the 2018 play by same name written by Zeller himself. This movie is a continuation of the 2020 psychological drama The Father, starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman.


A couple of years after his parents’ divorce, 17-year-old Nicholas no longer feels he can stay with his mother, Kate. He moves in with his father Peter and Peter’s new partner Beth. Juggling work, his and Beth’s new baby, and the offer of his dream job in Washington, Peter tries to care for Nicholas as he wishes his own father had cared for him. But by reaching for the past to correct its mistakes, he loses sight of how to hold onto the Nicholas in the present.

Release Date

November 25, 2022

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Florian Zeller

Florian Zeller


Hugh Jackman / Peter

Zen McGrath / Nicholas

Laura Dern / Kate

Vanessa Kirby / Beth

Anthony Hopkins / Peter’s Father

William Hope / Andrew

Akie Kotabe / Mr. Yama

George Cobell / Young Nicholas

Isaura Barbé-Brown / Sophia

Mercedes Bahleda / Mary

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The Son (2022)


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