Through My Window 3: Looking at You – A Netflix Film: And Love Changes Everything… Especially in Adolescence

Through My Window: Looking at You
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Through My Window 3: Looking at You is a movie directed by Marçal Forés starring Clara Galle and Julio Peña.

This is the third installment of the saga that promises to reach its conclusion with this coming-of-age story. The movie utilizes the strengths of the previous two films and serves as the final chapter in Raquel’s story, who is now focused on publishing a book. It targets a specific audience and is aware of its boundaries. The novels were written by Ariana Godoy, a Venezuelan author who gained popularity on the youth-dominated platform, Wattpad.


During the Christmas holidays, Raquel and Ares rekindle their relationship, while she awaits the release of a novel that narrates her life and works on the sequel, which is sure to be a literary success.

About the Film

It’s one of those sagas that adults may not understand, but teenagers and young adults love it because it has everything they want: a good dose of sentimentality, relatable stories and situations, realistic characters who go through similar experiences, and a touch of cheekiness and some erotic scenes that add spice to the concluding chapter of this saga.

“Through My Window 3: Looking at You” is a satisfying conclusion that has grown along with its characters, while still maintaining its identity with some spicy scenes and a touch of drama and romance, typical of the teenage genre.

Technically, it’s not bad, but it doesn’t strive to stand out either. The movie doesn’t prioritize aesthetics and embraces a traditional approach in terms of its concept, setting, and character development. It incorporates modern elements but remains a traditional romantic story that follows the conventions of the genre.

The third installment doesn’t offer anything new compared to the previous two films, but it serves as a farewell to fans of the characters, Raquel and Ares, as they embark on their journey towards adulthood, which may seem mundane. However, we are confident that the writer will come up with more romantic stories and characters in the future.

Our Opinion

A saga that ends just as it began: tailored, written, and directed for a young audience. They love it, connect with it, and are passionate about these relatable stories. If you’re not a teenager or don’t have raging hormones, this may not be the movie for you.

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