Who is the Italian actor Alessandro Borghi?

In the world of Italian cinema, one name has been making waves in recent years – Alessandro Borghi. Born on September 19, 1986, in Rome, Italy, Borghi has emerged as a talented and versatile actor, captivating audiences with his powerful performances. With a height of 1.86 meters (6 ft 1 in) and a charismatic presence, Borghi has become a rising star in the Italian film industry. In this article, we will delve into Borghi’s journey, exploring his filmography, accolades, and the impact he has made on the silver screen.

Growing up in the vibrant city of Rome, Alessandro Borghi developed a passion for acting from a young age. After completing his education, he embarked on his professional acting journey in 2006, with his debut film “Cento giorni a Palermo.” Although his role was small, it marked the beginning of a promising career.

Borghi’s breakthrough came in 2015 when he starred in the critically acclaimed film “Suburra,” directed by Stefano Sollima. In this crime thriller, Borghi portrayed the character of Aureliano Adami, a young and ambitious gangster. His performance was praised for its intensity and depth, earning him widespread recognition in the Italian film industry.

Following the success of “Suburra,” Borghi continued to impress audiences with his diverse range of roles. In the 2016 film “Fortunata,” he played the character of Pietro, a troubled but compassionate man. His ability to bring complex characters to life with authenticity and emotional depth solidified his position as a sought-after actor.

Borghi’s collaboration with Netflix further propelled his career to new heights. In 2017, he reprised his role as Aureliano Adami in the television series “Suburra: Blood on Rome.” The show, based on the film “Suburra,” explores the dark underbelly of Rome’s criminal underworld. Borghi’s portrayal of Aureliano earned him international acclaim and introduced him to a global audience.

Alessandro Borghi’s exceptional talent has been recognized through numerous awards and nominations. In 2019, he received the prestigious David di Donatello for Best Actor for his portrayal of Stefano Cucchi in the film “On My Skin.” This gripping drama shed light on the tragic true story of a man who fell victim to police brutality. Borghi’s performance was hailed as a tour de force, showcasing his ability to tackle challenging and emotionally charged roles.

Borghi’s filmography is a testament to his versatility as an actor. From crime thrillers to historical dramas, he has taken on a wide array of roles, captivating audiences with his captivating performances. Here are some notable films and television series that feature Alessandro Borghi:


  • “Cento giorni a Palermo” (2006)
  • “Suburra” (2015)
  • “Fortunata” (2016)
  • “On My Skin” (2018)
  • “Il primo re” (2019)
  • “The First King: Birth of an Empire” (2019)
  • “L’amica geniale” (2021)


  • “Suburra: Blood on Rome” (2017-2020)
  • “Devils” (2020)

With his talent and dedication, Alessandro Borghi shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to take on challenging roles, captivating audiences with his performances. In the coming years, audiences can look forward to seeing him in the upcoming films “Romulus” and “The Last Duel,” further cementing his status as one of Italy’s most promising actors.

Alessandro Borghi’s rise in the world of Italian cinema is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication to his craft. From his breakthrough role in “Suburra” to his award-winning performance in “On My Skin,” Borghi has proven himself as a versatile and captivating actor. With a promising future ahead, he is set to make an indelible mark on the international film industry. As audiences eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects, it is clear that Alessandro Borghi is a rising star whose talent knows no bounds.

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Molly Se-kyung
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