40th Anniversary of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics – Remember the Magnificent Music Video?

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Album
Music MCM
Music MCM

It was on January 4th, 1983 that the new-wave duo, Eurythmics, released their second album, which became an international wonder and topped music charts worldwide with the title track by same name. What to say about this gem of a song? Unforgettable, magnificent, catchy, smart.

The video was directed by Chris Ashbrook, and was filmed the same month of its release.

It was probably difficult for the critics to predict the durability Eurythmic’s music would demonstrate in time, as they seemed to still be eyeing them up back in the day:

They write dance songs about love, but the lyrics (“It’s jealous by nature, false and unkind”) don’t make love sound like anything worth dancing about. Yet both say they’ve never been happier than they are now. Obviously, there is more going on here than initially meets the ear.

Kurt Loder: Rolling Stone

Eurythmics was composed by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. The duo was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022.

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