“Bubble Gum” by NewJeans Takes Over the Charts in Korea!

This week, the music scene witnessed a fresh wave as “Bubble Gum” by the girl group NewJeans soared to No. 1 on YouTube in Korea and likely captured many hearts along the way. Rising to fame overnight with this catchy tune, NewJeans has proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. Here’s wishing them continued success as they skyrocket to stardom.

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Bubble Gum' Official MV

About NewJeans:

NewJeans, a five-member multinational girl group from South Korea under the ADOR label, a subsidiary of HYBE Corporation, was discovered and produced by Min Hee-jin, a former SM Entertainment visual director now with HYBE. The group made a stunning debut, clinching their first No. 1 spot on “M Countdown” just three weeks after their debut on August 18, 2022. They recently performed at the closing ceremony of a jamboree in August 2023, showcasing their growing popularity.

Group Name Insights:

The name “NewJeans” carries a dual meaning; it signifies jeans as timeless fashion while also echoing the group’s ambition to carve a timeless image for themselves. The name also plays on the words “new generation,” hinting at their leadership in a new era of pop music.

Rise to Fame:

Before debuting as NewJeans, the members were active in TV, music, and dance. Australian-born Danielle Marsh was a regular on the TVN variety show “Rainbow Kindergarten” up until 2011 and appeared on other TV programs. Member Hyein debuted in November 2017 with the children’s group U.SSO Girl before leaving a year later. She then joined the PocketTV-formed musical and YouTube group Play With Me Club, graduating in May 2021. Hanni Pham, of Vietnamese-Australian descent, started her performance career in Melbourne with Aemina Dance Crew. Hanni and Minji made guest appearances in BTS’s 2021 music video “Permission to Dance.”

Preparation for the group under a collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music began in 2019 under Min Hee-jin’s guidance. Global auditions ran from September to October 2019, and casting started in early 2020. In late 2021, it was announced that the project moved to ADOR, a newly established independent label under HYBE. The lineup was finalized in March 2022 after a second round of global auditions from December 2021 to January 2022.

2022 and Beyond:

ADOR teased the debut with animated videos revealing the numbers ’22’, ‘7’, ’22’. Their debut single “Attention” shook the music scene by being released without prior promotions or lineup teasals. NewJeans claimed the longest-running song by a K-pop female act on Billboard Global 200 with “Hype Boy”. Their debut EP, controversial for its perceived sexual innuendos in “Cookie”, denied by ADOR, sold over a million copies, making it the best-selling debut album by a K-pop female act since the Circle Chart’s establishment in 2011.

Their first single album, OMG, released “Ditto” as its lead single, securing the longest No.1 spot on the Korea Circle Digital Chart. “OMG” showcased a retro style that was well-received, debuting at No. 1 on Circle Album Chart with close to a million sales. Their second EP, “Get Up”, further solidified their success with over 1.65 million sales in its first week and performances that included significant partnerships, such as with Coca-Cola for “Zero”. Their burgeoning international acclaim was marked by their debut at Lollapalooza in August 2023, becoming the first K-pop girl group to perform at the festival. NewJeans continues to rewrite the rules of K-pop, promising a legacy that resonates with old and new generations alike.

Alice Lange
Alice Lange
Alice Lange is passionate about music. She has been part of several groups in the production side and has now decided to bring her experience to the field of journalism. She also reviews movies and television and participates in various events.
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