Franglish Hits Number 1 on YouTube in France with “Oposite”

In a thrilling showcase of rhythm and catchy beats, rapper Franglish secures the top spot on France’s YouTube charts this week. His latest hit, “Position,” has mesmerized the nation, racking up an impressive 17 million views. According to official figures, this sensational track added over one and a half million views just this week, capturing the hearts and ears of listeners across the country.

This achievement is a testament to the growing influence of rap music in France, where it continues to enjoy wave after wave of success. With “Position,” Franglish not only proves his knack for creating addictive music but also affirms rap’s enduring presence in the French music scene.

About Franglish

Gédéon Mundele Ngolo, better known by his stage name Franglish, is a vibrant force in the French rap and music industry. Born on August 4, 1994, this Parisian artist, hailing from the 20th arrondissement and of Congolese descent, has always had a deep passion for hip hop, rap, and both French and American R&B.

Franglish’s unique style and bilingual freestyle skills earned him the nickname Mr. Franglish from the Brownie Dubz Gang collective early in his career. He has since collaborated extensively with the BFBC rap group from Montfermeil, marking the start of an illustrious musical venture.

In 2013, Franglish released his debut mixtape “Franglish Prototype,” followed by “Changement d’ambiance” in 2017, and “Signature,” laying the groundwork for his rapidly growing fame. His album “Monsieur” reached number 16 on the French Albums chart in 2019, solidifying his status in the music world. His collaboration with Tory Lanez on the hit single “My Salsa” stands as his most notable work to date, showcasing his ability to blend genres and create unforgettable music.

Alice Lange
Alice Lange
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