Johnny Cash Roadshow: Man In Black Tour. The Playhouse Theatre, Weston-super-Mare

Johnny Cash. Albert Loos Photography
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For centuries, musicians have used their artform to show their allegiance to people and causes they believe in. Whether in support of political, religious or cultural agendas, those at the top or those forgotten by society, a stirring anthem raises awareness and helps to bring
new followers into the fold.

When Johnny Cash first performed “Man In Black” it was to a college campus audience who had never heard it before. Indeed, the song was so new that Cash needed cards to remind him of the revised lyrics that he’d been working on just before the show. He quietly introduced it as “the way I feel about a lot of things”, understating the passion behind the song. As he played the last chord the crowd rose to their feet, and Johnny Cash became known as The Man In Black.

Johnny Cash. Albert Loos Photography
Johnny Cash. Albert Loos Photography

Almost half a century later, “The Man In Black”, both the song and the performer, still resonate. The Johnny Cash Roadshow, has been delighting audiences for over 15 years, including sell-out shows in the UK, Europe and beyond. Fronted by multi-award winning singer, songwriter and producer Clive John they are back in 2020 with The Man In Black Tour, a new show celebrating the light and shade of
Cash’s repertoire.

While Clive’s rich baritone pays a superb homage to Johnny, the show wouldn’t be complete without the complementary vocals of Emily Heighway who has recently joined The Johnny Cash Roadshow as Cash’s wife June Carter. They make a convincing pair. Caitlin Crowell, granddaughter of Johnny and June was “in awe of how incredible the performances were. Clive captures my Grandfather JUST as he
was” Clive sings moves and acts just like the ‘Man in Black.’ The Johnny Cash legend will continue…. Lasse Lindfors – Author and lifelong friend of Johnny Cash

For a show to deserve accolades like those collected by The Johnny Cash Roadshow, it needs more than just strong lead vocals. The accomplished band bring to life all the hits, including “Man In Black”, “Ring Of Fire” and “Walk The Line”, The Roadshow Horns bring their brass sparkle and on selected shows The Carter Sisters sprinkle in extra layers of vocal harmonies.

When it comes to standing up and being counted, there is no doubt what Clive John and The Johnny Cash Roadshow believe in: putting on a big show that transports audiences back in time and always leaves them on their feet and wanting more.

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