Eli Rose releases her new single “N’oublie pas”, featuring Koriass | Listen to this beautiful song here

Eli Rose - Hypersensible Cover
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Le 8 September 2023 (Toronto, ON) – ADISQ-winning pop artist Eli Rose releases the new single “N’Oublie Pas” feat. Koriass off her forthcoming sophomore album. Considered one of the leaders of Quebec rap, Koriass joins Eli Rose on the new single. Hypersensible is slated for release on October 27 via Maison Barclay Canada/Universal Music Canada. The official video for the single, directed by Mathieu Grimard, is set to release on Monday, September 11.

Produced by longtime collaborators RealMind and Ruffsound, the laid-back song weaves Eli’s soft mesmerizing vocals through a dreamy backdrop of sounds and beats with Koriass’ verses cutting through with intent.

On the new single and album, Eli Rose notes: “It’s an album where I really wanted to address emotions in all their vulnerability. In ‘N’oublie Pas’, it’s a bit as if Koriass and I were each talking to a person we already loved and not to each other. When we wrote the song, I was talking to him about this idea of yoyo love, this person we are unable to leave behind, the one who always brings us back running. As soon as I heard the production from Ruffsound and RealMind, I knew it was the right music for this kind of theme. We feel this vertigo. I had wanted to collaborate with Koriass since the Francos de Montréal 2020. I really admire what he does and it really impressed me how fast he writes in the studio.”

Comprised of 14 tracks, Hypersensible features the new single “N’Oublie Pas” feat. Koriass alongside the previously released “Libre”, “1994” and “As De Cœur” released earlier this year.

Hypersensible arrives as follow-up to Eli Rose’s self-titled debut album, released in 2019. Following the whirlwind that was Eli Rose, Eli describes the process of creating Hypersensible as turning a new leaf as we see a new side of Eli Rose – delicate yet strong, soft spoken yet confident.

Both fragile and self-assured, wistful and empowered, the artist behind Hypersensible is ready to explore and embrace her emotions in all its intensity.

Hypersensible – Tracklist:

  1. Vendredi Soir
  2. 1994
  3. CDN
  4. Hypersensible
  5. As de Coeur
  6. Rebelle
  7. Paradis
  8. Caméléon
  9. Libre
  10. Bleu Ciel
  11. N’oublie pas (ft. Koriass)
  12. Lala (Bonus)
  13. Alibi (Bonus)
  14. Évidemment (Bonus)
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