Parisian Psych Trio HOWLIN’ JAWS Unleashes Rock Magic with Second Album, “Half Asleep Half Awake”

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Martin Cid Magazine

Paris, France – Howlin’ Jaws has once again set the rock scene ablaze with the release of their second album, “Half Asleep Half Awake”. Following the success of their debut album, “Strange Effect”, this latest offering from Djivan Abkarian (vocals and bass), Lucas Humbert (guitar), and Baptiste Leon (drums) promises to reignite the flames of rock music with its potent blend of luminous melodies and diabolical jams. The album garnered attention from esteemed publications such as Rock & Folk and Rolling Stone France who featured them on their covers.

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Drawing inspiration from rock legends like Cochran, Small Faces, Beatles, Kinks, and Slade, Howlin’ Jaws showcases their modern twist on a classic sound. Recorded at Liam Watson’s prestigious Toe Rag Studios in London, “Half Asleep Half Awake” embraces spontaneous creativity and psychedelic elements to deliver an immersive sonic experience.

With standout tracks like “Lost Songs” and “Mindreader”, Howlin’ Jaws invites listeners on a journey filled with dynamic ballads brimming with nostalgic emotions. The band’s experimentation shines through on tracks like “Mirror Mirror”, featuring unique vibrato effects created through sitar-like guitars and vocals run through Leslie speakers.

“Half Asleep Half Awake” represents a significant evolution in Howlin’ Jaws’ sound—a coming-of-age moment for the trio. With themes exploring dreams, clairvoyance, and mysticism reminiscent of iconic works like “Sgt. Pepper”, this album offers listeners an enchanting musical voyage that solidifies Howlin’ Jaws as trailblazers of modern psych-rock.

Step into the world of Howlin’ Jaws and experience the euphoria and enchantment of “Half Asleep Half Awake”—a sonic triumph that cements their status as trailblazers in contemporary rock music.

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