Seoul Arts Center Doam Hall Celebrates First Anniversary with World-Class Concerts

"Fall in Ballet" and "Tchaikovsky Special" Headline Anniversary Performances

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Seoul Arts Center Doam Hall is set to commemorate its first anniversary with a spectacular series of concerts on May 30 and 31. These performances will bring together world-renowned ballet dancers and musicians in a celebration of artistry and elegance, promising an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Star-Studded Lineup of Renowned Artists

The gala concerts will feature principal dancers from the famed Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballets, the rising star of Russian pianism Daniel Haritonov, and the 2024 Nicolai Malko International Conducting Competition winner, Seungwon Lee. The ensembles will present a dazzling array of ballet, piano solos, and orchestral music, offering a rich and varied program.

This unique collaboration of international ballet artists and pianists, performing with an orchestra in an intimate setting, has been described as an unprecedented event. It’s an artistic “sprezzatura”—a term denoting effortless mastery—that is sure to captivate and inspire.

Integration of Dance and Music

30일 Fall in Ballet 아르템 압차렌코, 안나 티호미로바, 필립스테핀, 마리아호레바, 다니엘하리토노프
30일 Fall in Ballet 아르템 압차렌코, 안나 티호미로바, 필립스테핀, 마리아호레바, 다니엘하리토노프

Under the direction of Seoul Arts Center Doam Hall (Director So-young Ju) and Top Stage (CEO Joo-il Kim), these concerts are poised to set a new standard for grand gala performances in Korea. The carefully curated lineup of elite artists and thoughtful programming are expected to leave a lasting impact on the Korean performing arts scene.

Fall in Ballet – May 30, 7:30 PM

On Thursday, May 30, the focus will be on ballet with a performance titled “Fall in Ballet.” The lineup includes:

  • Artem Ovcharenko: Principal dancer from the Bolshoi Ballet known for his powerful and graceful performances.
  • Anna Tikhomirova: First soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet, celebrated for her versatility and expressiveness.
  • Filip Stepin: Handsome first soloist from the Mariinsky Ballet, embodying the next generation of leading male dancers.
  • Maria Khoreva: A rising star with 650,000 followers on social media and a love for K-pop.

These artists, regarded as some of the best in the world, will perform excerpts from modern choreography such as works by Schubert and Prokofiev, as well as iconic pieces like Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty” and Minkus’s “Don Quixote.” Anna Tikhomirova will also present the exquisite “Dying Swan.”

In addition to the ballet performances, Daniel Haritonov will balance the program with piano solos of Shostakovich’s “The Clear Stream” Adagio, Khachaturian’s “Spartacus” Adagio and “Dance of the Swords,” and Borodin’s “Polovtsian Dances.”

Tchaikovsky Special – May 31, 7:30 PM

On Friday, May 31, the spotlight will shift to a “Tchaikovsky Special” concert. This evening will feature:

  • Daniel Haritonov: Performing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1.
  • Filip Stepin and Maria Khoreva: Presenting the “Wedding Pas de Deux” Adagio from “Sleeping Beauty.”
  • Gangnam Symphony Orchestra: Conducted by Seungwon Lee, performing Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 “Pathétique.”

Seungwon Lee, a dynamic conductor recognized for his recent victory at the Nicolai Malko Conducting Competition, will lead the orchestra. Already active within Korea, Lee is swiftly expanding his influence in the global music scene.

31일 차이콥스키 스페셜 콘서트 지휘 이승원 협연 다니엘하리토노프 연주 강남심포니오케스트라 게스트 마리아호레바, 필립 스테핀
31일 차이콥스키 스페셜 콘서트 지휘 이승원 협연 다니엘하리토노프 연주 강남심포니오케스트라 게스트 마리아호레바, 필립 스테핀

About Top Stage

Top Stage is a content company specializing in bringing international acts and classical artists to Korea. They also manage the Prugio Art Hall in Seoul’s Jung-gu district. With a portfolio that includes performances by the Russian Ballet Theatre, Moscow Bobrin Ice Ballet, and DG artist Leticia Moreno, Top Stage is dedicated to introducing top-tier classical performances to the Korean audience. Their projects, such as the Wednesday Invitation Series, continue to enrich the cultural landscape by connecting international and domestic artists with classical music enthusiasts.

For more information and to stay updated on upcoming events, visit their website: Prugio Art Hall.

These anniversary concerts at Seoul Arts Center Doam Hall promise to be an exceptional celebration of dance and music, marking a milestone for the venue and offering audiences an exquisite cultural experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the pinnacle of artistic excellence—reserve your tickets today.

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