The 43rd Annual Battery Dance Festival: An Assembly of Global Dance in The Heart of New York City

Spotlight on a Diverse Array of Performances and Unique Initiatives at the Anticipated Dance Event of 2024

New York City reverberates with the pulsating rhythm of the Battery Dance Festival, slated for August 11-17, 2024. Presented by Battery Dance, this year marks the 43rd edition of this vibrant festival, which stands as a spectacular platform to unite the world through the expressive art of dance. Both live and live-streamed performances are lined up at the picturesque Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City.

The splendor of the event lies in its diverse lineup, featuring both local and international dance companies. A’nó:wara Dance Theatre, Battery Dance, Focus Dance Company, and Sun Kim Dance Theatre are a few among the many who would be setting the stage ablaze with their performances.

An essential component of the festival includes special programs like Young Voices in Dance and India Day. Young Voices in Dance is designed to applaud the blossoming creativity of the next generation of choreographers. India Day, in contrast, is set to mesmerize all with the grace of Indian classical dance performed by premier artists.

One unique feature of the festival is the FUTURE 400 initiative. This undertaking seeks to commemorate 400 years of Dutch-New York history through a fresh piece of work by the celebrated Turkish-Dutch choreographer Rutkay Özpınar. Performances by Ballet Nepantla, Capoeira Luanda NYC, FANIKE! African Dance Troupe, and Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company further enrich the festival’s lineup.

The Battery Dance Festival 2024, with its wide-ranging performances and special programs, pledges to be an exuberant celebration of dance, culture, and community at the core of New York City.

Rockefeller Park – Battery Park City
75 River Terrace (North Esplanade)

Alice Lange
Alice Lange
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