Toronto’s THE ANTI-QUEENS Shake up the Punk Scene with Latest Album, ‘Disenchanted’

New Release Complete with Powerful Music Video for Single 'Overthinking'

Toronto’s top tier punk rockers, THE ANTI-QUEENS, have sparked a blaze in the music scene with the release of their newest LP, “Disenchanted” and the spectacular music video for the single, “Overthinking”. Available worldwide on digital and vinyl platforms through Stomp Records, the new album signifies a momentous chapter in the band’s decade-long journey.

The duo leading the band, Emily Bones and Valerie Knox, are known for challenging the overwhelmingly male-centric music industry with their audacious punk-rock spirit. Their astonishing live performances and electrifying stage presence have earned them a reputation that extends far beyond Toronto’s city limits.

Their latest offering, Disenchanted, promises a line-up of catchy, anthem-like tracks, created with the same unchained energy and lyricism that fans of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Distillers, Hole, L7, Lunachicks, and The Warning will surely appreciate. The album echoes a range of emotions from light to dark, bright to dreary, and is an enchanting yet slightly melancholic mash-up of magic and reality.

The compelling music video for “Overthinking” perfectly visualizes the song’s theme of grappling with uncontrollable thoughts. Directed and produced by Michael Crusty and Valerie Knox, the video juxtaposes carefree summer exteriors against introspective indoor scenes, encapsulating the emotional undercurrent of the track.

Deriving from Emily Bones’ visionary spirit, THE ANTI-QUEENS have been leaving a unique imprint on the international punk rock landscape since their foundation in 2012. Their resilience and creativity have established them as a beacon of inspiration within the punk rock community. The new album, packed with massive pop-punk-rock anthems, is poised to be the summertime favorite for rebels, misfits, and outcasts.

Alice Lange
Alice Lange
Alice Lange is passionate about music. She has been part of several groups in the production side and has now decided to bring her experience to the field of journalism. She also reviews movies and television and participates in various events.
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