Youngr Takes Linkin Park Classic On An Immersive House Trip In ‘Tried So Hard’ – Out On Blue Llama Records!

Youngr: 'Trierd So Hard'"
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Music MCM

Youngr turns back the clock to the year 2000 and transports Linkin Park’s introspective rap-rock ballad ‘In The End’ into ‘Tried So Hard,’ a house-laden dance track custom made for the here and now.

In true Youngr fashion, ‘Tried So Hard’ started out as an epic real-time studio build, broadcast via his social media channels. Fans lit up the comments section with huge kudos and a defiant desire for official release.

One fan commented This is from the future bro”whilst another raved; Dude this is just sick. I’ve been playing this all day long.”

With finishing touches, ‘Tried So Hard’ is now ready for the world. Performing the original sombre piano melody, Youngr turns the tempo up a notch, looping in deep synths and percussive tones, before jumping on the mic to recite Chester Bennington’s original lyrics and introduce his own swaggering bars. Reaching an emotive pinnacle, with vibrant house keys commanding full attention, Youngr shreds an immaculate uplifting electric guitar riff to outro this enigmatic masterpiece.

‘Tried So Hard’ is taken from Youngr’s forthcoming album due to be released on 12th April 2024 on his own Blue Llama Records. Celebrations commence with two sold-out shows across London and Manchester that weekend.

The release once again sends out clear signals Youngr is here to challenge genre-moulds in the name of creativity and casts intrigue as to what other wonders have been concocted in Llamaland Studios for this upcoming body of work.

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