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‘Butcher’s Crossing’ | A Western Drama Film Starring Nicolas Cage | Movie Trailer

'Butcher's Crossing' is a Western drama film written and directed by Gabe…

Molly Se-kyung Molly Se-kyung

‘Dream Scenario’ (2023) Starring Nicolas Cage | Movie Trailer

A surreal tale where everything goes topsy turvy

Molly Se-kyung Molly Se-kyung

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ (2023) Movie Review: Nicolas Cage in “madness” mode (as usual)

Sympathy for the Devil is a film directed by Yuval Adler and…

Martin Cid Martin Cid

‘The Old Way’ (2023): A Movie with Nicolas Cage to Start 2023 Well

The Old Way is a Western directed by Brett Donowho, written by…

Marta Sanchis Marta Sanchis

‘The Old Way’ (2023) – A Western with Nicolas Cage – Movie Trailer

The Old Way is Western film directed by Brett Donowho, starring Nicolas…

Molly Se-kyung Molly Se-kyung

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is an actor, Academy Award winner, known for his roles…

Molly Se-kyung Molly Se-kyung

Pig (2021). Nicolas Cage Movie. Reviews

Pig is a 2021 drama movie starring Nicolas Cage. It's directed by…

Martin Cid Martin Cid

Willy’s Wonderland (2021). Nicolas Cage Movie

Willy's Wonderland is a horror movie starring Nicolas Cage. Willy's Wonderland Plot…

Martin Cid Martin Cid

HBO And Max Brands Ink Exclusive Multiyear Pay-1 Output Agreement With A24

Today, the HBO and Max brands announced a multiyear pay-1 U.S. output…

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