‘The Upshaws’ (2021-) Part 4: Sitcom on Netflix

Good old sitcom for the whole family to enjoy and have a laugh or two!

‘Smother-In-Law’ (2022). Season 2: The Less Appropriate Mother-in-Law Returns

Smother-In-Law is a Brazilian series created and starred by Rodrigo Sant'anna. Fresh out of jail, our "beloved" and "favorite" (or not) mother-in-law played by Rodrigo...

‘That ’90s Show’ (2023): A Netflix Sitcom

That '90s Show is a sitcom series created by Gregg Mettler, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turnery and Lindsey Turner. It stars Kurtwood Smith and Debra...

‘Blockbuster’ – Netflix Sitcom – First Impressions

Netflix will be streaming the first season of the sitcom set in the last standing Blockbuster Video in the U.S. The series is created...