Catch up on what Splatoon 3 has to offer

A new season of the Splatoon™ 3 game just hit, so it’s a great time for new players to join in on the chaotic fun. If you’re curious about what Splatoon 3 is all about, we have just the thing…

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Get messy

Ink the floors and walls whenever you can! Then, dive into ink of your same color to dodge, dart, or stealth your way around a stage.

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Modes for all skill levels

Turf War*

4-on-4 battles for everyone. Cover the floor to win!

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Anarchy modes

Rise the ranks with objective-based battles.

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Salmon Run*

Squad up in co-op and take on enemy hordes & bosses.

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Story mode

Take on a solo adventure that’s 8-10 hours long**.

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Keep it fresh

Unlockable weapons, seasonal catalogs, a collectible card game, and special events mean that there’s always something fun on the horizon!

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Chill Season 2022 update

Speaking of keeping it fresh, the latest free update also includes additional weapons, items, stages, and X Battles (a mode for you elite players out there). To check if you have the update, highlight the Splatoon 3 icon on the HOME Menu, press the + Button, and select Software Update (internet connection required).

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