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Launching in July 2021, Fair Art Fair is a new digital destination for artists, collectors, curators and the art curious. Conceived, designed and led by artists, Fair Art Fair offers the tools, connections and possibilities for building a fairer, more transparent world of art.

Designed with four distinct user groups in mind – Artists, Art Lovers, Curators and Art Curious – the mobile and web app allows subscribers to discover, organise, share, showcase, buy and sell artworks, and connect with each other. Users become part of a community, where artists can professionalise their practice and expand their network, while collectors, curators and anyone with a passion or interest in art can encounter new artistic talent for themselves. Fair Art Fair also hosts a dynamic calendar of digital exhibitions, available for all users to experience and enjoy, and will go on to stage physical exhibitions.

Pioneering in its model, Fair Art Fair is a subscription-based app founded on a circular economy, where profits are cycled back and used to support the community. Challenging the conventional power dynamics of the art world, Fair Art Fair removes the middleman and creates a space for opportunity and discovery.  

The vision of artist Stacie McCormick, Fair Art Fair was born from McCormick’s 11 years’ experience in the industry, including her role as founder and director of London’s Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, an organisation supported by Arts Council England. In the past six years alone, McCormick and her team has worked with, and supported, over 300 international emerging and mid-career contemporary artists, many of whom will form the initial community of Fair Art Fair’s artists. McCormick expands:

For every well-known artist, there are thousands more yet to be discovered. By establishing an environment which removes the various hurdles and barriers entrenched in the art world, we have created a fairer and more accessible industry ecosystem that enriches the working lives of artists, curators, collectors and art enthusiasts.”

Stacie McCormick, 2020. By Paul Tucker
Stacie McCormick, 2020. By Paul Tucker

App-based Digital Tools – everything the artist, collector or curator needs

Fair Art Fair’s digital tools are tailored to fulfil the needs of artists, collectors and curators. Artists have access to unlimited digital storage space and can organise their practice at the click of a button, creating studio inventories, managing portfolios, producing invoices and certificates. Art Lovers can catalogue and organise their art collections within a trusted online environment and confidently contact vetted artists’ studios to purchase new works, without paying the gallery premium. Fair Art Fair also offers innovative features for the curatorial process, with which Curators can build exhibitions, manage artworks and discover and showcase new talent.

A Circular Economy – no commission fees, with profits supporting artists

Fair Art Fair is a subscription-based business model liberated from the traditional art sales commission model. Fair Art Fair will promote, catalyse and encourage sales but never take a percentage from artists. This direct and transparent trading relationship empowers both artist and collector. In addition, profits made from subscriptions will be utilised to support the Fair Art Fair community, for example, by funding physical exhibitions, prizes, residencies and other support for artists. By joining Fair Art Fair, users become part of an economy that sustains the work of every member of the art community.

Discover New and Established Artists – endorsed by the community

Fair Art Fair will launch with a community of experienced artists born from the exhibitions and well-established residency programmes at Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop. These artists will be the initial community to populate the visible arena for Art Lovers and Curators, who can view their works and profiles, connect with them directly, and purchase or enquire about artworks. By subscribing, all artists will be continually reviewed by the Fair Art Fair directors (who are themselves artists) and the community to join this ever-expanding visible arena. This peer-to-peer evaluation process enables artists to be valued on the terms defined by their own community and bestow long overdue agency over their practices.

Endless Opportunities and Professional Advice – new networks and insights

All artists will be continually considered for promotion opportunities, such as Fair Art Fair’s exhibitions, as well as prizes and residencies. With support at its heart, Fair Art Fair has committed to providing mentorship and knowledge-sharing across the community. Fair Art Fair’s visible artists will mentor and share insights with newcomer artists, offering crucial peer-to-peer support. Another key component of Fair Art Fair is the Helpful Matrix. Built from extensive research, the Helpful Matrix is a dynamic database bursting with advice and contacts, from certified art businesses to essential best practice guides. In addition, an online Notice Board accessible to all Artists and Curators allows users to connect with one another by posting opportunities, enquiries and announcements, be it an available studio, residency opportunity or open call.

Fair Art Fair is a UK-based social enterprise. The app is available internationally and is supported by iOS, Android, and the Web. Individual Artist, Art Lover and Curator subscriptions cost £15 per month (billed as one annual payment), with the option of combining two or three user types into a bespoke subscription package. For those just beginning their journey into the art world, Art Curious users can view and experience curated selections of art and Fair Art Fair digital exhibitions for free.

Holly Drewett using Fair Art Fair, courtesy Fair Art Fair
Holly Drewett using Fair Art Fair, courtesy Fair Art Fair
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