Fusion of Biopunk and Japanese Hip Hop: Sonokuni Debuts at the Steam Next Fest

Tokyo, Japan – A unique blend of biopunk action and Japanese hip hop awaits gaming enthusiasts globally as Kakehashi Games and Don Yasa Crew unveil their latest collaborative venture, Sonokuni. Slated for a grand showcase at the upcoming Steam Next Fest on 10th June, the game promises a captivating experience with a unique, eclectic blend.

Highlighting a synergy of music, mythology, and gaming, Sonokuni introduces the character of Takeru, a solitary assassin, entrusted with the mission to penetrate a superhuman fortress powered by biotechnology. Encapsulating a vivid narrative, the game draws inspiration from Japanese mythology, twisted with modern biopunk elements.

Fusion of Biopunk and Japanese Hip Hop: Sonokuni Debuts at the Steam Next Fest

Don Yasa Crew, a seven-member Japanese hip hop group, conceived the idea for the game during the Covid pandemic lockdown of 2019. With live performances out of the question, they decided to channel their raw, energetic music into Sonokuni, a fresh biopunk take on Japanese mythology. The game is set in a world that pulsates with their unique ‘have-not-hip-hop’ style.

Kakehashi Games, a Tokyo-based publisher, will make this game available worldwide. The company has been instrumental in bringing more than 300 critically acclaimed indie titles from Japan to the global stage. Known for its dedication in bridging East and West gaming cultures, Kakehashi Games now turns a new leaf with Sonokuni.

An exclusive peek at this groundbreaking fusion of hip hop and biopunk awaits at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase on 8th June. Attendees can expect a brand-new trailer and a game track at the event.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where extreme violence, morality, and the survival of a people intertwine in a thrilling narrative. Indulge in the emotion and rhythm of Sonokuni, and prepare for a gaming experience like no other – add Sonokuni to your Steam wishlist today.

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