“Mecha Party” VR Game Gears Up for Global Expansion and Adds New Mechs to the Mix

Mecha Party
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Shanghai, China – May 14, 2024 – Chenni Network, a subsidiary of Kingnet, is thrilled to announce the international release of “Mecha Party,” a captivating mech-battle VR game. Following its successful debut in North America, the game now gears up to captivate players across Europe, Asia, and Japan. Available on PlayStation and Steam, “Mecha Party” is set to redefine the VR MOBA genre by welcoming a global audience to its exhilarating world of mechanized combat.

“Mecha Party” plunges players into an immersive virtual reality experience where mechanized warriors engage in vibrant arena battles. Offering both single-player missions and competitive 3v3 clashes, the game is carefully crafted to entertain casual fans and VR aficionados alike. With a roster of unique mechs, each boasting individual abilities and styles, “Mecha Party” encourages players to either venture solo or team up to dominate the inaugural robot battle league.

In line with the game’s expansion, the developers are excited to introduce two new mechs: Dino, a diminutive dinosaur with a fierce penchant for close-quarters combat, and Tuan, a panda proficient in using props to its advantage during group skirmishes. These latest additions are expected to inject novel tactical depth and excitement into the already dynamic battlefield.

Responding to community input, the “Mecha Party” team has rolled out significant updates to enhance gameplay balance, introduce bug fixes, and optimize the overall gaming experience. Players can also look forward to improved UI, new visually stunning skins for mech customization, and continual refinements based on player feedback.

Looking ahead, Chenni Network is actively developing a version of “Mecha Party” for the Meta Quest 3, targeting a summer 2024 launch. This move promises to extend the game’s reach, allowing even more enthusiasts to partake in the action-packed VR mech battling adventure.

“Mecha Party” stands as a testament to Kingnet and Chenni Network’s commitment to pioneering the future of VR gaming by relentlessly pursuing innovation, fostering community engagement, and providing immersive, high-quality experiences to players worldwide.

Mecha Party
Mecha Party
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