New REMEDIUM Update Now Live Ahead of Act 2’s Launch on November 30 

Grab the twin-stick shooter in the Steam Autumn Sale starting today.

Limassol, Cyprus – November 21 2023. Following Act 1’s Steam Early Access launch of REMEDIUM, leading indie publisher ESDigital Games and developer Sobaka Studio have today released a new language support update for the acclaimed fast-paced twin-stick shooter. Now supporting 11 languages*, today’s update further prepares REMEDIUM for the highly anticipated Early Access Act 2 launch, which is now confirmed to be released on November 30

For fans who have not yet entered the grim Renaissance-inspired post-apocalyptic twin-stick shooter, the Early Access release of REMEDIUM (Act 1) can be purchased in the Steam Autumn Sale from November 21 – 28 with a fantastic 20% discount


It had been more than a century since the Grey plague devoured the whole continent and turned almost all inhabitants into mindless chimeras, spreading the infection to any remaining survivors who managed to find refuge behind the huge walls of the fortress cities. 

While foraging outside the city walls, you are attacked, and while surviving the fight, you become infected with only a short time to live before the disease takes over. Your only hope is to fight through the hordes of mutants and chimeras and find the cure before it’s too late. With an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you must survive the infected spawn’s onslaught and master the art of alchemy to craft powerful potions, injections and amalgams to boost your abilities in your search for the cure. 

REMEDIUM Act 1 is out now on PC via Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store for Windows, Mac and Linux. Act 2 will release on November 30 with the final installment launching in early 2024.  Console releases for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are planned for 2024.

For more information visit the official REMEDIUM website and ESDigital Games 

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