ROBOBEAT: A New Rhythm in First-Person Shooters Now Live on PC

Susan Hill

May 14, 2024, brought an electrifying update to the gaming world as Kwalee, a leading publisher in the UK, and the innovative developers at Inzanity Studio officially released their latest creation, ROBOBEAT, on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. This title is not just another addition to the roguelite genre but a rhythmic adventure that perfectly blends the intensity of a first-person shooter (FPS) with the exhilarating challenge of moving and shooting to a beat.

In an exciting venture, ROBOBEAT not only debuts as a game but also brings with it a wave of collaboration, notably featuring crossover music content with Ultrakill and DUSK, iconic games that have left a mark in the FPS domain. Players can look forward to these dynamic tracks at no additional cost, alongside a tempting offer – the BeatSlayer Bundle available exclusively on Steam, which combines the thrilling gameplay of ROBOBEAT, ULTRAKILL, and DUSK at a 10% discount, promising an unmatched action-packed experience.

Set against the backdrop of a techno-futuristic world, players step into the boots of Ace, a renowned bounty hunter on the trail of the rogue robot Frazzer. Frazzer’s labyrinthine lair, with its constantly evolving challenges, requires more than just firepower to overcome. Success in this game is about rhythm and precision; every wall run, slide, and shot needs to be perfectly timed to the pulsating beats of an upbeat soundtrack that features an impressive 38 tracks.

Priced at $19.99, €19.49, and £16.99 on both Steam and Epic Games Store, ROBOBEAT invites players to an early bird offer with a 20% discount at launch. The music, a core part of the gaming experience, is separately available on Steam, allowing players to own the soundtrack and elevate their gameplay with every tune.

Further enhancing the gameplay are hidden treasures in the form of secret cassettes, including classic tracks from BPM: Bullets Per Minute and newly announced additions from DUSK and ULTRAKILL, awaiting discovery by keen players.

ROBOBEAT not only promises a test of skill through its charged shots, damage multipliers, and armor-piercing rounds but also extends an invitation to master the art of movement. Every double-jump, bunny hop, and grapple hook action isn’t just about transit but survival, ensuring players stay one step ahead of their enemies, all while fully immersed in the beat.

This breakthrough title is set to redefine expectations, merging the drive of rhythm-based gameplay with the raw adrenaline rush of a FPS. With customizable music features enabling players to upload and modify their tracks, the game ensures a personal touch to every round, making each playthrough unique.

The availability of the BEATSLAYER Bundle and ROBOBEATS PER MINUTE BUNDLE on Steam further emphasizes Kwalee and Inzanity Studio’s commitment to providing substantial value and exciting opportunities for players, encouraging them to complete their collection of these thrilling first-person shooters.

With ROBOBEAT, the stage is set for players to beat the odds, in more ways than one, as they jump, shoot, and dance their way through this high-octane, rhythm-infused adventure.

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