RTFKT x Ledger – Emerging Technology Titans Unveil Exclusive Limited-Edition Collaboration Nano and Case

Ledger (www.ledger.com), the global platform for digital assets, today unveils the full details of its highly anticipated collaboration with Nike’s RTFKT (www.rtfkt.com), the trailblazer in digital fashion and sneakers, which centers around a limited-edition capsule collection. 

The centerpiece of this unique collaboration is the RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade Edition and RTFKT x Ledger Collector Edition, meticulously crafted to combine luxurious style with the security needs of the RTFKT community. With a high caliber of dedicated collectors, it is crucial that RTFKT provide a safe and secure solution for its community. This marks a significant step towards enhancing digital security, mirroring the strides RTFKT has made in the realm of fashion. 

  • The RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade comes in a premium Nano X box, encased in a new matte black soft-touch sleeve, and features a unique, high-quality custom plastic swivel with Ledger and RTFKT branding and matching white device casing, with a distinctive transparent smoked glass button. Notably, the plastic swivel, a first-of-its-kind customization on a Ledger, underwent rigorous research and development to achieve an exclusive and unprecedented glossy touch and rendering.
  • The exclusive RTFKT x Ledger Collector Edition includes 2 custom Ledger Nano X: a full white Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade, housed in a custom packaging featuring an outer black matte soft-touch sleeve, and a black Ledger Nano X within an exclusive vial case designed by RTFKT. The vial, with its brushed steel surface and logo engraving, pays homage to the iconic RTFKT Skin Vial ecosystem. Functionally, it serves as a secure container for the Ledger Nano X, allowing interaction without removal thanks to its unique shape and charging port access, and providing a novel twist on device security.
    • Both the Collector Edition and Nano X Chalk Blade Edition come with a QR code card to claim a unique digital collectable NFT, designed by RTFKT and representing ownership of the product collaboration.
    • Limited to 1000 units, the RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade will be available for pre-orders on ledger.com on December 13th for $250 (230 EU).  A pre-sale will last 24 hours for the RTFKT x Ledger Collector Edition and will start on December 12 exclusively for Clone X holders for 869 Euros. If there are units left after the 24 hour exclusive pre-sale, pre-orders will be opened to the public for another 24 hours. This union represents the most innovative brand in digital fashion merging with the leading security brand in the digital asset industry.

“We’re extremely happy of our continued collaboration with Ledger, with the Vial we created an accessory that stands out and acts as a kind of stylish armor for your device, continuing to bridge the gap between our virtual designs and real collectible artifacts for our fans”

Benoit Pagotto, Co-Founder of RTFKT.

Ledger and RTFKT will also collaborate closely on education initiatives for the community through Ledger Quest. More details will be provided in 2024.

“RTFKT’s growth from digital fashion pioneers to physical fashion pioneers puts them at the summit of modern culture, just as Ledger is at the summit of digital asset security,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Ledger. “Their commitment to educating their community on security is impressive, so it’s natural for Ledger and RTFKT to collaborate. We’re honored to have worked with the RTFKT team on these beautiful, limited edition Ledger Nano X devices and the vial. These are the embodiment of two brands at the forefront of their industries, melding creativity with security.”

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