Session: Skate Sim: New Content And A Nintendo Switch™ Version Available Soon 

Lesquin, 8 February 2023 – After the release of Session: Skate Sim last September, which was eagerly awaited by skateboarding fans and already has over 85% positive reviews on Steam, the development and publishing teams at Crea-ture and NACON continue to work on the game. Several patches, additional content and a new Nintendo Switch™ version are in the works as the teams aim to set the benchmark for all skateboarding games with Session: Skate Sim.
Session: Skate Sim is already available on PC, PS5TM, PS4 TM and Xbox Series X|S, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch™ on 9 March 2023 in North America and 16 March in the rest of the world. From today, this version of the game can be preordered to get the Brandalised pack for free, which includes exclusive deck and clothing designs. Considerable work has gone into adapting the controls for the Nintendo Switch™ version, especially on the triggers used for turns, to provide the optimal skateboarding experience.
Among the improvements made, the development team paid particular attention to the early stages of the game and to making it easier to master. With the recent patches, users can enjoy a more balanced learning curve and improved tutorial. Nintendo Switch™ users will also benefit from these improvements.
The developers are also working on new content for existing players. A new pro skater, new map (not a city!), new missions and new equipment items for greater variety in the game are all in development.
More details on improvements to the game and its content will be shared in the coming weeks.

Session: Skate Sim invites players to dive into the genuine 1990s skateboarding way of life, when each stretch of pavement and each stairway was a great location for your favorite stunt. The game’s ultra-realistic physics bring the sensations of skateboarding to life, and the studio has even integrated ground-breaking gameplay, a first in a skateboarding game: the “True Stance Stick”, where each foot is independently managed using the two sticks. With a learning curve that is just as demanding as in real life, players have to practice how to control their board and pull off all the different stunts available in the game, from the simplest to the most complicated. The integrated editing tool lets each player immortalize their greatest achievements on video.
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