Soulmask: The Next Big Thing in Open-World Survival Gaming

Early Access Launch Promises an Immersive and Expansive Experience

London, May 31, 2024Soulmask, the eagerly awaited open-world survival epic that captivated audiences by ranking #3 in February’s Steam Next Fest, has officially launched in Early Access on Steam following overwhelmingly positive feedback from its open beta.

Launch Details and New Features

Building on the rich experience provided during the open beta, Soulmask‘s Early Access release is packed with new content and significant improvements:

A Staggering 500 Hours of Gameplay: Dive deep into the expansive world of Soulmask with endless exploration and adventure.

Ten Signature Masks: Discover the unique powers of each mask, adding layers of strategy and customization to your survival tactics.

Seven Vast Regions: Explore a colossal 64 square kilometer area encompassing seven distinct biomes, including Rainforest, Hill, Wetland, Plateau, Wasteland, Volcano, and Snow Mountain.

Six Fearsome Bosses: Challenge six formidable bosses, including five powerful pyramid bosses and one mysterious sci-fi-inspired boss.

Eight Distinct Weapon Classes: Master 75 unique battle skills across a variety of weapons such as spears, bows, hammers, blades, shields, gauntlets, great swords, and dual-blades.

Five Special Mounts to Tame: Enhance your journey by taming and riding these unique creatures.

Nearly 400 Ancient Relics: Uncover hidden secrets and artifacts to enrich your adventure.

Dynamic Tribesmen: Engage with tribesmen who possess nearly 300 unique talents, playing a critical role in the game’s dynamic ecosystem.

300 Construction Components: Build and customize a cozy home with a wide array of construction elements.

New Private Server Mode: Enjoy a more personalized gaming experience with over 100 customization functions available in stand-alone and online modes.

Enhanced Character Action and Sound Effects: Experience smoother character actions and more immersive sound effects, adding depth to your gameplay.

Soulmask launches into Early Access with over 400,000 wishlists, making it one of the most anticipated games of 2024. Review codes are available upon request.

Continuous Development and Future Updates

The development team at Soulmask promises continuous improvements and new features throughout the Early Access phase, including new masks, maps, skins, and an enhanced appearance system, as well as optimizations to the tribe and building features.

“Many Chieftains are curious about the differences between the Early Access version and the full version. For our Early Access release, we are dedicating all our efforts to perfecting Soulmask to deliver both quality and quantity. This version will provide a rich and immersive gaming experience. As we move towards the full release, we will actively incorporate your feedback and roll out various free updates, including new mask skins and construction components. The launch of our Early Access version is just the beginning for Soulmask, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do,” says ZIMA, the chief producer of Soulmask.

Core Gameplay


The core feature of the gameplay is the mask. Your character is not the hero; the mask is. During customization, you can choose from three masks, each with unique specializations. Masks offer various functions for controlling, shaping, and creating the game world. There are ten unique masks to uncover, with three available at the start.

Dynamic Tribesmen and Tribal Management

In Soulmask, you can recruit up to 20 tribesmen to build your own tribe. Each tribesman is unique and has a distinct personality. You might recruit bloodthirsty warriors, dexterous hunters, ingenious craftsmen…or a drunk, lazy alcoholic. Soulmask offers powerful AI and command support, allowing you to set up and manage the workflow of clan members with a high degree of freedom: farming, harvesting, assembly line production, base patrol, automatic repair, and even maintenance. Everything can be automated and customized by you.

Diverse Physics-based Combat System

Soulmask also offers a diverse physics-based combat system for players who love to fight. The game features eight weapon types and 75 skills, allowing players to customize their own fighting style. For example, the spear in Soulmask has up to eight specialization skills that can be randomly learned, which can be used as a ranged weapon to pull enemies closer or as a melee weapon to pierce enemies’ hearts!

Soulmask‘s Early Access launch marks an exciting new chapter for fans of the survival genre. With its extensive gameplay and innovative features, it promises to offer an immersive and dynamic gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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